Peggy Lee “Is that all there Is?”

Roger Lewin (piano), Brigitte Baden-Rennie (vocals), Alex Keen (double bass) UK

“The playlist is impeccable. Hard-core Peggy Lee fans cannot complain about repertoire choice, presentation or musical style as Brigitte Baden-Rennie (beautifully accompanied by Dave McEvoy on keyboard and Jenna Bonavita on acoustic double bass) performs her intelligent and entertaining homage to the great jazz/pop vocal stylist”. (Pat Wilson, Glam Adelaide 2018)

Peggy Lee was one of the finest popular jazz singers of the 20th century. She was admired by her contemporaries such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jr and is documented as influencing singers such as Diana Krall and K.D. Lang.

A musical tribute, with narration and song, to the longevity, humour & passion of a unforgettable performer.

“Brigitte Baden-Rennie doesn’t try to imitate Peggy Lee but performs the many and varied numbers in her own understated and easy style. She is a warm and witty host, who serves up a rich collection of Peggy’s songs, with a tantalising side-serve of titbits about the very talented woman and her colourful life. . . . This is a lovely show about a talented and interesting woman, played with grace and expertise by Brigitte Baden-Rennie and her very tasteful duo.

Fans of Peggy Lee and beautiful, jazz-based musical excellence will love this show and appreciate just how prolific Lee’s career was” (Nikki Fort – The Clothesline, Australia)

Footage of When the World was Young here

Cheeky snippet 1 from Pheasantry, London here

Cheeky snippet 2 from Pheasantry, London here

Interview ABC, Adelaide with Peter Goers here.

Tracks: Black Coffee & I don’t know enough about you



National Wine Centre, Adelaide

The Sarah Thorne Theatre, Broadstairs

The Astor Theatre, Deal

The Avenue Theatre, Sittingbourne


The Pheasantry, London 11th September

Pizza Express, Maidstone 10th November


Claire’s Kitchen, Sydney on 1st April

The Sardine Can (private) 5th April, Sydney

Pheasantry, London, May 26th

Live at Zedel (Crazy Coq’s) TBC

The Astor Theatre, Deal TBC