Partners in Crime

Brigitte with hat

Partners in Crime wades through the underbelly of relationships with a wide eyed curiosity.

The show is presently being updated with fresh stories and a few newly discovered songs by Stephen Sondheim and Blossom Dearie. (2017)

“Partners in Crime is a comical, sexy, infectious examination of love and it’s complications. An eclectic mix of true stories, bizarre couplings and songs to match from writers such as Nick Cave, Sonny Bono and Bobbie Gentry.
Brigitte’s unpretentious style, raw honesty and earthy vocals makes her a true five star cabaret performer.”

Directed by Laura Hamilton
Written by Brigitte Baden-Rennie & Laura Hamilton
Musical arrangements by Frances Knight

“Baden-Rennie’s extensive vocal range slides effortlessly between songs as she acts out each number, from the dramatic to the drunken”

(Rod Lewis, Glam Adelaide)

“Partners in Crime” has changed since it’s first performance in Melbourne. That is just one of the many pluses to writing your own cabaret show. New ideas spring up, a better song is found or a new story is discovered and begs to be told. In this respect, the show grows with you and is kept alive.

Vox pops from Melbourne performance here.

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Video clip One

This is my version of “Ode to Billy Joe” at the Kent Cabaret Soiree 2011 (the first pilot festival that was to become The Mosaic Cat) with Andee Price on double bass and Frances Knight on keyboards and accordion. This song wasn’t in the original line up when I launched the show in 2010 and I’m so happy to have re-discovered it.
Thank you, Bobbie Gentry

Video Clip Two

This is a 5 minute excerpt from the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011 performances at La Boheme. I was thrilled to be able have the talents of both Chris Martin and David McEvoy on piano during the season and also the very talented and lovely Jenna Bonnavita on double bass.I would also like to thank Kerry Reid for her contribution to tweaking of what is now version 11 of the show. Chocolates, strawberries, red wine and a bare footed performer in a slip are all due to her!